VWI prides itself on its Customer Satisfaction Philosophy and its Network Of Expertise. In all things, VWI strives for 100% Customer satisfaction, and maintains links with the Best of the Best in each arena of IT, IS, Web Site Design, Web Application Design, and Computer Networking.

Your Site:

Your Web Presence - Your company's web site is the face that your company is putting forth to the world. Whether you are a mega-conglomerate or a home-based business, your website is your "first impression" with your customers. Simple, easy-to-navigate, easy-to-utilize, fast-loading, informative sites are the type of web sites that will say to your customer - "This business knows what its doing - just look at their web site."

VWI designs your presence and applications with these goals at the very heart of its design scheme. We work with your company to insure that your site abides by those foundational elements as well as matches your company's other new or existing marketing media.


Money is Tight?

Exclamation markWe will meet with your company to discuss your current budgetary constraints before we begin any project and then work with you to remain within those constraints while still providing you with a quality product. We know, as well as any other company, that current economic trends have impacted all of us. It's our policy to insure the success of your site. After all, your success is our success too!


A Background That Counts

Question markOur network of associated professionals and staff offers over 100 years of combined experience in the areas of graphic design, web site design, application development, and other IT/IS arenas. This level of experience is available because our network and staff train constantly to stay on top of the latest, cutting-edge, technologies and their use/application.



HOSTING - We offer hosting services for your website or web applications for starting at ONLY $20/month!

DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, MAINTENANCE - With our teams/networks of Developers, we provide the best for your web site/application development needs!